10 Best Depression and Anxiety Online Groups and Chat Support

November 29, 2021

Being diagnosed with a mental illness can be frustrating and lonely. Despite growing awareness of mental health issues, many people still feel uncomfortable sharing the details of their diagnosis – or their daily struggles – with others. Unfortunately, stigma or discrimination are still big issues for people with mental health concerns.

Since the early days of the internet, people have been sharing their personal stories anonymously online and finding relief, comfort, and hope. Now, it’s easier than ever to find a supportive community to help you weather the storm.

Online communities, national helplines, and chat support can serve as a lifeline for anyone struggling with depression and anxiety.


Facebook, now known also as Meta represents the Metaverse or a virtual world where you can interact with others.

As major media explains it, “The metaverse aims to innovate the way people interact with each other on the internet, interacting in a way previously only thought possible in science fiction.”


Meta (Facebook) offers incredible mental health, online support groups for depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Another trending platform is anonymous chat which provides help for those needing support, understanding, and valuable resources during tough times.


According to Gartner Group, live chat is a favored communication platform, particularly for those in the age range of 18 to 49. Chat users enjoy the convenient experience and 24-hour accessibility of such tools.


Helpful virtual therapy support tools offer valuable chat resources and relief for what you’re going through. Let’s learn more about well-established online communities and chat solutions that can set you on the pathway to joy and freedom.


Meta (Facebook) Online Support Groups for Depression and Anxiety

While there are multiple mental health communities tucked into corners of the internet, one of the simplest places to visit is what we now know as Meta. Meta or Facebook Groups are one of the fastest-growing trends on the infamous social media site and with good reason. They bring together people with similar interests from all over the world, creating tightly-knit communities with a common goal.

The main features of all Facebook groups are the same. Users can post questions, stories, pictures, and videos. Most importantly, they can respond to others, providing advice, comfort, and empathy.


Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.

Henry David Thoreau

With mental health support groups, the focus is often on lifting each other up and reminding you that you’re not alone. Most mental health online groups have specific rules to make sure the discussion stays appropriate, safe, and supportive.

Virtual chat mental health support tools and online support groups for depression and anxiety offer viable help in times of critical need.


Online or Chat?

Meta (Facebook) groups can be a great source of community and support. But the advice you find on these groups doesn’t come from mental health professionals.

If you’re struggling with a mental illness, we strongly recommend you seek help from a professional therapist and even quicker relief via an anonymous support app: ChatOwl’s virtual therapy app lets you stay anonymous while offering appropriate, safe advice from an expert therapist at an affordable price.

So, let’s review some of the top online groups for depression and anxiety, as well as these anonymous chat options.


Top 10 Online Groups for Depression and Anxiety as Well as Anonymous Chat Options

1. Anxiety and Depression Support Group

This site is one of the largest and most active support groups on Meta (Facebook) for people with anxiety and depression. With nearly 200,000 members and hundreds of posts each day, this private community is really active, and you’re likely to always find someone to talk to.


2. Anxiety Lounge

Anxiety Lounge is a small but friendly and sharing community run by Kelly Jean, a blogger, and photographer from the UK. Offering support from group members, Kelly provides links to free resources from her website, Anxious Lass, where she writes openly about her lifelong experience with social anxiety.


3. Social Anxiety Support Group

This social anxiety site offers a positive place to chat and ask questions about social anxiety. This is a very active group focused on peer understanding – not medical advice – in a kind and welcoming environment.


4. Depression and Anxiety Talk

Depression and Anxiety Talk is a prevalent, global support group, and has created a great place to seek advice or share your story. The admins and moderators have set up lots of rules to ensure everyone feels safe and welcome in the group, and the focus stays on supporting each other through hard times.


5. Mental Health Awareness and Support

This is a long-standing community that’s been around since 2014, this is a safe place to seek help and raise awareness around mental health. Everything is private, and there are strict rules to keep everyone safe – with a focus on respecting each other and providing constructive criticism only.


6. #MentalHealthAwareness

#MentalHealthAwareness is a fast-growing community with dozens of posts every day related to mental health. In addition to community posts, the creator shares useful information and more light-hearted activities related to mental health.


7. Anxiety/Health Anxiety Support

This is a useful group to join if you specifically experience anxiety related to your health. This is a private group with nearly 30,000 members, all of whom can empathize with your experiences and respond to your concerns – so there’s no judgment here.


8. Target Audience Support Groups

  • Moms with Anxiety and Depression. Being a parent with depression or anxiety can be especially tricky. This group is an excellent, safe place to head to where you know everyone will understand what you’re going through. It’s an active peer-to-peer network of mom’s who can remind you – you’re not alone.

  • The Anxiety Guy Members Lounge. This “lounge” offers a strong community focused on healing and overcoming anxiety. The group is centered around The Anxiety Guy podcast, one of the most popular self-help podcasts around, run by Dennis Simek.


9. Parents of Teens with Depression, Anxiety and OCD

This is another great community for parents – this time if it’s your child who is struggling with mental illness. There are so many unknowns when trying to help a teenager with a mental illness, but this group will provide peer support and encouragement as you do your best to help your child.


10. Free, Downloadable Chat: Virtual Therapy App

ChatOwl’s virtual app can help you more readily alleviate mental health anxieties and concerns and be on the path to a happy, connected social life with anonymous aid which can be a relief when seeking support for depression and anxiety.

Although there’s no tried and true way to determine how much mental health therapy costs, virtual therapy can help you feel better much more quickly and affordably with 24-hour accessibility.


Best Anxiety and Depression Support Online

Online support groups for depression and anxiety are usually helpful to those who need to talk to someone who understands and has advice for whatever concerns you are dealing with. But sometimes you may prefer to have private and anonymous support.

24-hour depression and anxiety readily-accessible virtual therapy app support are available to you whenever you need it.

A free, downloadable support app that’s also an anonymous app can be a great way to relieve you of depression and anxiety symptoms. It can calm an anxious heart and inspire you to experience a healthy, happy, blessed life.

Remember ChatOwl is here to help you with ready-to-access, virtual therapy support. Try our free, downloadable app today.

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