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5 Signs Social Media Is Impacting Your Mental Health

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Reading Time: 6 minutes Social media connects billions of people across the globe, so why are loneliness and social isolation on the increase? Social media was built on the notion that it will help people maintain relationships and bring people closer together, that is not what the research shows about how it is affecting some people’s mental health. A study in 2017 concluded that …

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Give Yourself a Break: Overcoming Self Loathing and Self Hate

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Reading Time: 9 minutes Do you have persistent feelings that you aren’t good enough that take the joy out of life? Overcoming self-loathing is possible. Life is full of peaks and valleys, and sometimes it is difficult to navigate not just life situations, but the people that we encounter. Being a social being is hard enough, but when it comes to not loving yourself, …

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What is Social Isolation and the Damaging Effects on Your Mental Wellness

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Reading Time: 10 minutes “The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.” Mother Teresa There are qualities present in our genetics that have allowed our species not only to survive; but to thrive. One of those evolutionary musts is social support. Social support is how people support one another, both physically and emotionally. And those who develop supportive relationships in …

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Stories of Resilience: Lessons from History

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Two years after Sir Ernest Shackleton left England, he returned, having failed his mission. Shackleton had left Europe with a crew of accomplished explorers and seamen, hoping to be the first to walk across Antarctica. He didn’t even reach the Southernmost continent. Shackleton failed to accomplish his objective, but a century after his mission, we still uphold him as one of …

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Americans Aren’t Going Outside. What Does it Mean for Mental Health?

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Reading Time: 5 minutes `Nearly half of Americans didn’t take part in any outdoor recreation in 2018. That’s the headline from a new report released in January by the Outdoor Foundation. And they’re warning us that things are getting worse: Americans took 1 billion fewer outdoor outings in 2018 than in 2008. The authors of the study are worried, but why is it such …

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Top 10 Twitter Accounts that are Good for Your Mental Health

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Let’s face it, we all spend too much time scrolling on our phones. And not everything we see on social media makes us feel good. Twitter, in particular, has been known to bring out the worst in people – just think of all the drama you’ve followed on there over the years. Still, it doesn’t have to be that way. …

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Top 10 Instagram Accounts That are Good for Your Mental Health

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Over the last few years, Instagram and other social media platforms have come under fire for the negative impact they can have on mental health. Influencer accounts that depict picture-perfect lives, flawless bodies, and unattainable beauty standards can feed into anxiety and insecurities – especially among young people – and lead to poor mental health. But Instagram can also be …

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Creativity and Mental Health

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Reading Time: 5 minutes “If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” Vincent Van Gogh Although most mental health disorders are called “illnesses,” which has a negative connotation, some positives do come from them. Throughout time, there has been speculation that creativity and mental health might be linked. Not only recently, …

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Bio: Nikola Tesla

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Reading Time: 5 minutes When you hear the name “Tesla,” you probably think of Elon Musk’s game-changing electric cars. But Musk and his co-founders chose the name to honor another creative, game-changing inventor: Nikola Tesla. While you might not be familiar with Tesla himself, you’re definitely familiar with some of his inventions. He’s responsible for inventing the AC electricity supply that still powers the …

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Kurt Cobain, ADHD and Depression

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Reading Time: 5 minutes “The worst crime is faking it.” Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain is quite arguably one of the most beloved musicians of all time. He was a musician, singer, and songwriter who had a very unique gift. Best known as the lead guitarist of the band Nirvana, Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington, where he formed the iconic band. Leading the Grudge …