5 Podcasts to Improve Your Relationship

February 3, 2022

We are living in the age of the podcast — an audio format ideally suited to long drives, dog walks, and deep listening. Podcasts offer space for discussions that are typically not heard over radio waves. Podcast episodes put it all on the table, in real and honest ways. If you’ve ever considered couples therapy, have you ever considered the benefits of streaming relationship podcasts?

Getting relationship advice from a podcast isn’t such a bad idea, especially because its a place for all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship formats to receive space. On traditional airwaves, topics about sex and gender are whitewashed and toned down. On a podcast, everyone gets representation. There is no judgment. It’s why many consider couple’s therapy, via podcast, a very safe space.

Why listen to podcasts to improve your relationships? No matter what phase of a relationship you find yourself in, there is always room for improvement. Even seemingly perfect relationships can get better and can find golden nuggets buried in the archives of a podcast. 

Relationship podcasts, with their open, no-nonsense, and no-judgment formats, are an excellent resource for all kinds of relationship advice, from breakups to makeups. 

How to Incorporate Podcasts Into Your Relationship

Are you trying to spice up your sex life in a long term relationship? Or, are you working to rebuild trust? More than likely, whatever your question or relationship concern, you can find several popular podcast shows on the subject. 

While it’s true that not all relationship podcasts are led by certified psychologists, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have value. If the hosts lack certifications, they make up for inexperience. Folks like Dan Savage of Savage Lovecast and Sex Expert Dr. Emily Morse have been dolling out advice on love, sex, and relationships in one format or another for years. 

Bring these experts into your relationship as free tools to build a stronger emotional connection and to overcome the hard times. Listen to them on your own, or you might choose to listen to certain episodes together. Podcasts can be the conduit for couples to bring up hot topics and talk about the deeper issues. 

If listening to a podcast together still feels a bit uncomfortable, why not ask your partner to listen to it on their own? Tell your partner the subject matter hits close to home for you, and you’d like them to take a listen. It could help open up the discussion for you in the future and offers an excellent point of reference in emotional conversations.

The 5 Best Relationship Podcasts 

There are hundreds of podcasts streaming right now about love, sex, and relationships. If you’ve never explored this topic through Apple Podcasts or whatever streaming service you use, where should you start? 

While Joe Rogan, one of the most successful podcasters of all time, might talk about relationships, he’s not the best resource for relationship advice. You need to hear the stories of real people going through challenges and expert-led discussion. You need a podcast entirely focused on healthy relationships.

You soon find the best relationship podcasts all have similar characteristics. The hosts are well educated and experienced relationships experts who have been working in the advice-column field for years (if not decades). They should all approach the topic from a non-judgemental standpoint. It’s this experience and approach which separates the music from the noise.

Death, Sex, and Money

Death Sex Money Podcast Logo

Death, Sex, and Money, hosted by Anna Sale, is a relationship podcast that doesn’t dole out advice. Anna Sale has an approach to interviewing, which narrows the gap between listener and interviewee. She makes all topics feel approachable. 

Through her gentle interview style, Sale gets her guests, both famous and not, to open up about very challenging subjects – all geared around, yes guessed it: death, sex, and money.

While you might not immediately categorize her deeply emotional interviews as a couples therapy podcast, overtime, you’ll find the connection. You’ll hear stories from people getting through relationship challenges remarkably similar to your own. It might not be therapy, but the interviews are incredibly therapeutic.

Sale’s podcast started in 2014 and serves as a perfect introduction to the world of relationship podcasts because it isn’t the call-in format. Sale is not a relationship expert, although she is an expert interviewer.

If you wanted to bring podcasts into your relationship as a means to open up a conversation, Death Sex and Money is the perfect starting point. Plus, they often create documents and shared resources for their listens, which are open to audience participation.

The Top-Rated Episodes of Death, Sex, and Money

  1. Jane Fonda After Death and Divorce
  2. Cut Loose: Your Breakup Stories
  3. Let’s Talk About Porn
  4. Why You’re Not Having Sex
  5. Cheating Happens
  6. Money & Love

Savage Lovecast

Savage Lovecast Podcast Logo

Any Google Search for relationship podcast will most likely return The Savage Lovecast as the top-rated podcast. Dan Savage, the hard-hitting yet absolutely non-judgemental host, is one of the most trusted and respected names in modern-day relationship advice. 

He approaches all topics, even the most taboo, with respect. Especially when it comes to LGBTQ and the kink community, he is the go-to best relationship podcast today.

Savage Lovecast was launched from the pages Savage Love, a nationally syndicated relationship advice column. It has been distributed since 1991 and has been breaking down barriers around sex, gender norms, and romance of all types since it’s initiation.

People gravitate to Savage because he tells it like it is, but without judging the act or the person. If you are looking for a PG-13 podcast about love, this is not the one. He dishes out honest and sometimes brutal advice, covering every topic under the sun (and then some). 

His podcast is especially useful for those whose preferences fall outside traditional concepts of love and sex. He is also an excellent starter for couples who want to broaden their horizons.

In Savage’s own opinion, as stated to the Guardian, the podcast is more about the audience than the advice seeker:

 In a sense, when I write an advice column or record a podcast, what I’m doing is creating this store of common sense in the heads of the listeners who didn’t ask the question. Because often what happens is: someone hears an answer, it doesn’t apply to them at that moment, but then they find themselves in a similar circumstance three or six months later and it comes back to them.

The Top-Rated Episodes of Savage Lovecast 

(As the topics under discussion are often R-rated, best left to listener-discretion)

  1. Savage Love Episode 635
  2. Savage Love Episode 339
  3. Savage Love Episode 338
  4. Savage Love Episode 419
  5. Savage Love Episode 581

Dear Sugars

Dear Sugars Podcast Logo

Although this couple’s therapy podcast finally came to an end, Dear Sugars captivated listeners for over four years. Co-hosts Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond worked tirelessly to field the questions of their dedicated listeners, “no matter how deep or dark.” Their mantra was radical empathy.

Dear Sugars structured the format of the show around a listener submitted letter, followed by extensive discussion from a place of love. As one writer for Well and Good described, “To say they gave “advice” would be the understatement of the century.” It’s this approach that gave the show a cult following in the relationship-advice world. 

Unlike other relationship podcasts, Dear Sugars was a genuinely compassionate discourse about many facets of modern relationships. Although formatted as an advice column, it went far deeper than most advice columns ever choose to go. 

The Top-Rated Episodes from Dear Sugars

  1. The Invisible Work (Most) Women Do — With Gemma Hartley
  2. Trust Your Body — With Hilary Kinavey & Dana Sturtevant
  3. What Comes After Rock Bottom
  4. When Sexual Consent Is Neither Black nor White
  5. George Saunders on the Price of Dreams

Sex With Emily

Sex With Emily Podcast Logo

Dr. Emily Morse has been around the block (a few times) when it comes to providing free relationship advice. She has been podcasting on the subject matter since 2005 when she launched Sex with Emily. Since its inception, she has been on a mission to improve your sexual wellbeing. 

Over the last decade, she has co-hosted Loveline Radio Show with Dr. Drew Pinsky, starred in a Bravo television show, and continues to host Sex with Emily on SiriusXM (shows daily from Monday to Friday). You may also find her frequently contributing to the likes of the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and other national print-publications.

Her podcast, Sex with Emily, is all about “saving the world one orgasm at a time.” She doles of free relationship advice, leaning into her many years of experience and her doctorate from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. She is non-judgemental and ready to take her audience’s questions head-on.

While Emily’s podcast and SiriusXM show are typically focused on sexual wellbeing, she does often move into the relationship side of the spectrum. With over 15 years of podcasting (and over 1000 episodes) behind her, there are few topics she hasn’t covered so far.

The Top-Rated Episodes From Sex with Emily

  1. The Sexual Laws of Attraction
  2. Oral Sex Moves & Grooves with Call Her Daddy
  3. Best Of: Real Women Talk Anal Sex
  4. Best Of: All the Oral You Can Handle
  5. Honing In On Healthy Hormones with Alisa Vitti

ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show

ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show Logo

A couples therapy podcast specifically focused on advice for marriage. Co-hosts Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, authors and podcast hosts extraordinaire, bring their 22 years of marriage and years of relationship coaching out into the open with the ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show.

Their episodes focus on finding a perfect balance os sex, love, and commitment to make a marriage last.

In their own words, a “healthy combination of sex, love, and commitment is more than the foundation of a strong marriage… it’s the glue that will keep a marriage together.” Their bi-weekly show takes a more traditional approach than some of the other shows on the list. Still, the ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show covers topics applicable to all types of relationships.

Helpfully, they often engage their listenership with weekly challenges that correlate with the topics under discussion. These actionable items and real-life tools make their podcasts one of the most direct couples therapy podcasts out there. Their show is a never-ending resource of relationship advice, valuable for all couples, not just the married.

The Top-Rated Episodes From ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show

  1. Coconut Oil, Vibrator and the Game of Love
  2. Cleaning up After Sex
  3. Mutual Masturbation
  4. Let’s Touch Each Other
  5. Lack of Sexual Desire

Podcasts to Improve Every Relationship

Whatever is happening in your relationship, there is bound to be at least one expert talking about it within the great-wide world of podcasts. Just look at the topics under discussion through the Savage Love podcast! This podcast is real-life proof you are never alone in your quest to improve your love life.

Whether you decide to use podcasts privately (or collectively) to improve your relationship, they are a limitless resource for all-things love, sex, and marriage. Plus, they are always free.

Next time you are on route to work or walking the dog, throw on a relationship advice podcast. You never know what tidbits, tools, and stories you’ll come away with that can boost your own relationship.

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