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Political Anxiety Disorder is on the Rise!

Since the presidential election, have you experienced sleep disturbances, a feeling of losing control or hopelessness?

Are you alienated from friends, family and co-workers as a result of political differences?

You may be suffering from "Political Anxiety Disorder", and you’re not alone!

"56% of Americans, worry about the impact of politics on their daily lives."




"40% of Americans said differing political views have been a problem with their family since the election."

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10 Signs You're Suffering from "Political Anxiety Disorder"...

1. You stay up at night worrying that the world will end due to a disastrous misstep by Trump.
2. You're afraid to talk politics for fear you'll be villainized for your beliefs.
3. You avoid friends and family because you find their political views abhorrent.
4. You have lost hope in humanity and generally think we are all doomed.
5. You fear that the US is being overrun with illegal immigrants coming to take your job.
6. You obsessively watch or avoid the news because it's unsettling.
7. You've had screaming matches about politics with co-workers.
8. You've seriously considered moving to Canada because you don't feel safe.
9. People are either on your side or they are the enemy. And the enemy is dangerous.
10. Your stress levels rise after using social media.

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