Effective Self-Esteem Therapy to Build Self-Confidence and Acceptance When You Need It Most

November 28, 2021

Everybody goes through ups and downs in life. Like Anne Taylor once said:

“Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.”

The point is to never give up on yourself, and to face life with positivity, confidence, self-assurance, and self-love.

For some, falling into a pit of low self-esteem is something that can be so deep-seated that it is difficult to overcome. Low self-esteem can stem from childhood experiences like prolonged separation from caregivers, neglect, and sexual and emotional abuse.

But, thankfully, there are ways to build your self-esteem and move into the self-acceptance and reinvention process. And, surprisingly, tools and help are easier to use and find than you might think!


Self-Confidence and Acceptance

You can’t build self-confidence without first accepting who you are. That’s why self-acceptance is so critical. And when you’re not sure how to do that, actually coming to terms with who you are, how you see yourself, and what an incredible human you are, is integral to building self-confidence.


Self-Esteem Therapy for Building Self-Confidence

Low self-esteem is also more prevalent in people who have a predisposing mental condition or disorder. But it is often hard to figure out which is perpetuating the other. The one thing that people with low self-esteem appear to share is their belief that the world is a cold and hostile place. And they often see themselves as the victim.

That can make them complacent and withdrawn, resulting in not taking advantage of novel opportunities and experiences. And they also feel as if controlling things in their life is not possible because they are powerless. Together, all these factors mixed tend to stifle people with low self-confidence and their acceptance levels can spiral downward.

Self-esteem therapy provides the necessary relief for symptoms of loneliness and depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. This therapy is especially helpful as you wait for an in-person counseling appointment. It tackles topics and tips for:

  • Managing through the Fear of Rejection
  • Engaging in The Process of Acceptance and Reinvention
  • Boosting Positivity

It also involves changing things you don’t like about your life and taking positive steps outlined further in this article to help you feel more confident and happy.


Managing through the Fear of Rejection

Rejection is a part of life. Authors, actors, creators, business leaders, employees, students, and social media connections–there are so many rejections that could and could not occur.

  • First, it’s good to realize that rejection happens. And if rejection happens, it generally means that whatever the circumstance was, it is likely not meant to be in your life. It’s healthy to:
    • Acknowledge the rejection
    • Determine if you want to pursue the circumstance further
    • Have the resilience to get through whether it be through in-person or self-esteem therapy that is online or virtual
  • Second, remember, life must go on and will, so use the opportunity to enter the self-reinvention process, to be grateful that something didn’t work out, and realize in self-confidence and acceptance that you have all it takes to pursue an even better circumstance.

Managing through the fear of rejection and lack of control can stem from being a victim of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, and various types of discrimination. That’s why self-esteem therapy tools, resources, and free downloadable apps can be crucial to overcoming and building self-confidence and acceptance.


Engaging in The Process of Acceptance and Reinvention

Self-reinvention begins with self-care, self-acceptance, and then builds into self-confidence.

The good news is there are simple ways to help you build your self-esteem, regardless of how old you are. And if you take steps to turn things around, picking yourself up out of the hole you might find yourself in, is entirely possible.

Just take it slowly, be persistent, and believe in yourself. And you will see the inner confidence that you’ve always had below the surface begin to emerge.

“Negative experiences don’t create fears, doubts, anger, grudges, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, jealousy, stress, or depression; one’s repeated negative interpretations of them do.” – Edmond Mbiaka


Boosting Positivity

It is an excellent idea to enlist a good friend or family member to help you compile two lists of all the things that are good about you. For someone with low self-esteem, it might be challenging to find ways to praise yourself.

So asking someone who knows you best to help is a good idea in order to be realistic. Once you have compiled all the goodness you possess, keep the list in a safe and convenient place so that you can reflect on it daily. And keep it where it is available to read when you are feeling low.

Other ways to boost positivity include:

  • Get Moving and Exercise Regularly. Exercising and even just dancing around your living room to a classic rock or pop song can really inspire the way you feel so add regular exercise into your schedule, you will feel a sudden and regular boost of self-confidence, as well as the health benefits of fitness including an overall improvement of your appearance which naturally helps your mood and self-esteem.
  • Maintain A Healthy Diet. You are what you eat, and not getting enough good nutrition can lead to things like anxiety and depression. Your body and mind need proper vitamins and nutrients to think clearly and to stabilize your mood. Make it a point to eat properly and take supplements when necessary, especially when you aren’t getting all that you need in your diet.
  • Get Good Quality and Quantity of Sleep. Sleep is often an underrated component of good physical and mental health. Not getting enough good quality or the correct quantity of sleep can lead to anxiety and depression. Ideally, you should:
    • Get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.
    • Try to limit things like screen time before bed that can disrupt your sleep.
    • Don’t eat close to bedtime because it can result in waking up during the night and ruining the quality of your sleep.
    • Keep the room quiet and peaceful so that you can fully go through the circadian cycle that helps you stabilize your mood patterns and keep your immune system healthy.
  • Do Things That You Enjoy. Engage in those things you love most, building your resilience and joy again. Take time for yourself, and find out what makes your heart sing – life is too short to deprive yourself of things that make you feel alive and worthy.
  • Set Motivational Goals and Keep Them. Nothing feels more empowering than setting goals and meeting them. Set a goal to do one small positive thing every day and stick to it.  Even if it is just getting out of bed on time, making positive changes in incremental steps is an excellent way not only to increase your self-esteem but also to feel more in control of your life and surroundings.
  • Pay It Forward. A sure way to feel good is to be kind and generous to others. Perform one act daily to lighten someone else’s load. Helping a neighbor with a project or an elderly friend with groceries can provide you with self-confidence and acceptance to feel good again. And it will also remind you that you are a good person and worthy of love and good things.
  • Avoid Toxic People and Places. Don’t punish yourself by hanging out with people who put you down or don’t make you feel good about who you are. Also, avoid doing things that make you miserable, no matter how obligated you feel. Be surrounded by people who are supportive and appreciate all of your goodness.

There are many reasons that people suffer from low self-esteem and confidence, but you don’t have to. Transforming your outlook and taking simple steps you can incorporate into daily life will lead to a much more confident and healthy existence.


Utilizing a Solution-Oriented Self-Therapy Tool

When you have low self-esteem, it can sometimes be accompanied by self-loathing. And when you have self-hatred, you typically engage in negative self-talk and have negative thoughts about who and what you are.

When building your self-esteem, it is essential to remind yourself that even though you have problems, you are a valuable person and worthy of love, like everyone else.

You deserve to feel good so don’t put yourself down.

The law of attraction states that you get what you put out into the universe. So stop putting negative thoughts about yourself out there, and things will turn around with positive thoughts, self-esteem therapy, resilience, and self-confidence and acceptance. Sow into your life positivity and reap a positive return.

One way to help yourself is through a solution-oriented self-therapy tool like the one from Chat Owl which can provide tips and solutions for finding inner strength from professional therapists who understand.


Everything Will Come Together

Our perception of things and the way we see the world is all part of who we are. We are in charge of our thoughts and our own brain. As you are self-reflecting, you can choose how you look at life and how you will face the world and every single second of your life.

Sure, circumstances happen. But we have a choice of how we look at and handle things. Our choices and thoughts matter.


John C. Maxwell once said: “Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you. Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice.”


Getting on course with a reinvented, happy life full of self-confidence and self-acceptance involves determining where you want to be.

Everything will come together as you:

  • Take one positive step of self-care and acceptance each day
  • Accept help from a virtual self-esteem therapy-on-demand app
  • Align yourself with positive people and a positive environment
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself and cease any focus on negative thoughts
  • Take control of the direction you long to go

Then, good things will happen in your life. You will notice a grand difference in your self-confidence and acceptance as you follow your spiritual and positive beliefs and seek positive healing courses like virtual self-esteem therapy.

ChatOwl’s self-esteem therapy and virtual app can quickly help you relieve self-concerns and anxieties, ensuring you are able to build up self-confidence and pursue a happy life and future.

ChatOwl is here to help you with ready-to-access, virtual therapy support. Try our free, downloadable app today.



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