Tips and Tools for Overcoming Loneliness and Depression

December 17, 2021

Celia has been struggling with loneliness and depression for several months. She feels sad and often cries herself to sleep–that is when she can sleep. Some nights, she can’t sleep at all because she feels shattered and unsettled by recent bad news.

She never imagined a life of being alone at such a young age, although she does have two children and a dog. Her loved ones help with the journey, but she still finds herself masking the pain by isolating herself at home for weeks on end without going out into the sunlight or seeking professional support.

For many, being lonely and depressed is a very real issue that even close companions can help with. And for widows and singles especially, life can be very lonely and depressing.

The good news is that there are some tips and valuable resources that can help you through the various issues related to loneliness and depression, including some real motivational tools and techniques such as a virtual app that can be used as self-help for depression anytime.


Causes of Loneliness and Depression

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Feelings of loneliness and depression are extremely common. Learn more about the the causes to find answers for coping.

Loneliness and depression are prevalent challenges in today’s broken society. An average of about 20% of Americans suffer from depression regularly. That’s why it’s critical to seek the right tips and tools for overcoming these feelings, particularly amid the lowest points of life.

Very personal and painful situations such as relationship break-ups, job loss, a health crisis, and other major life changes such as losing a pet or loved one can play a very personal role in your life.

With various holidays surmounting from Christmas to New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays, and beyond when you are feeling lonely and depressed, sometimes even the great anticipation of friend and family fun events may leave you with a bit of heartache and frustration that the time is never enough.

Also, the loss of a loved one or beloved pet can affect every aspect of your daily personal livelihood.

Dog owners, for example, often list their dog as a close family member and  even share their pet as the closest family member of all in 38% of reports.

Working through frustrating bouts of loneliness and depression helps put you back on the path of a positive, vibrant future. However, loneliness and depression require tips and tools for putting your life back into proper perspective.


Tips for Overcoming Depression and Lonely Feelings

When a personally tragic or disappointing life event deeply hurts and you need ways to overcome it, here are some great tips and viable self-help for depression and loneliness.

They include:

1. Ensure a proper life balance that provides a healthy amount of time alone and social time with others. Rather than isolating yourself from others, open yourself up to support channels and groups that lend to quick healing and recovery.

Social relationships are a fundamental component of human life. A network of positive social relationships provides a  source of support, meaning, and guidance which can influence  long-term trajectories of health outcomes.”

2. Make use of a free downloadable therapeutic and virtual app when experiencing depression and loneliness. A handy downloadable app offers a simple way of:

  • Gaining valuable support without having to physically visit with a therapist
  • Ensuring you have a professional resource to help you from those who truly understand depression and loneliness
  • Easily access the right, simplified tool to receive the healthy support needed to be on track and happy again

3. Determine healthy activities for expressing your important emotions. Because symptoms of depression involve becoming withdrawn and often isolated, feeding the withdrawal will only make matters worse. Instead, focus on helpful resources. For example, you may need:

  • An outlet to cry or simply chat with about any concerns
  • A place to share your feelings such as a journal, a painting, or a sketching pad
  • To let it all out via healthy exercise or meditation

4. Take essential care of your physical self: exercise, eat and sleep well, hydrate, and alleviate unnecessary stress.

5. Let go of expectations including those of yourself, family, friends, and others all around us. Sure, we want to spend more time with family and close friends! However, when they are not available, we need to seek other healthy relationships such as those with church ministries, lifelong acquaintances we trust, or even close neighbors.

6. Refuse to hold in bitterness and instead, forgive. Guilt and anger will only toxify your system. Letting go can make a huge and meaningful difference for a healthy mind.

7. Eliminate negativity, extensive Internet and social media time, and unhealthy exposure to any influences that will add to instability or negative behaviors.

So, as you work through these tips for loneliness and depression, you should also take the next step which is using daily simple-to-use and readily accessible app and free self-help for depression tool that can assist with, detect, and even alleviate these concerns.


Some Real Tools That Can Help

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For those searching for additional help, ChatOwl has a free mobile app.

Some people have cats and dogs to cuddle with and others have birds they can talk with. While pets, family, and friends can be consoling, sometimes it’s simply not enough. For those like Celia who have struggled with loneliness and depression and just feel alone even with some family and pets coming around, you may just need  professional actionable advice.

But, physically going in to see a therapist or psychologist can be difficult. Loneliness and depression are sad and overwhelming enough that you need a simpler, more comforting solution. So, an anonymous, virtual app is an easy and excellent way to free you of burdens. Getting you on the path to not only healing but happiness is key to keeping you free of loneliness and depression.

Consulting with a mental health therapist is the best way to figure out how to combat your feelings of loneliness and depression and to find a healthier and happier new you. Although a free downloadable app may not be a replacement for meeting with a therapist in person, ChatOwl helps bridge the gap for those needing immediate assistance.

So, you can implement a free downloadable app as a valuable resource for self-help for depression. Handy and available anytime, this anonymous chat app can quickly help alleviate burdens, moving you on to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Remember ChatOwl is here to help with loneliness and depression! Download our free, easy-to-use, virtual app today.



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