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What Does Your Heart Say?

Your relationship could use a little love this Valentine’s Day. Try individual or couples counseling online, and get the love you need.

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Online Counseling
Get the support you need from anywhere. Online counseling is more convenient and affordable than office visits. Starting at $49.
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We need deep and meaningful bonds with others, especially our significant others to live happy and healthy lives. When this bond is damaged by miscommunication, resentment, conflict, frustration, or boredom, we suffer from mental and physical illness.

Listen to your heart and take action to make meaningful change in your relationship. The licensed and experienced marriage and family counselors at ChatOwl can help navigate the difficult challenges you face .

How to Get Started

1. Assessment

Answer five questions to get to know you

2. Matching

Get matched to your therapist

3. Therapy

Chat with your therapist anytime, anywhere

We help couples and individuals with wide range of issues.

A lack of sexual chemistry/sexual incompatibility
Controlling and demanding personalities
Having nothing In common
Parenting and family conflict
Different spending habits/financial disagreements
Disrespect, dishonesty and infidelity
Issues from childhood or past relationships
An inability to communicate
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Online counseling for individuals and couples.

Couples counseling can feel like a very big step. It’s tough to admit that your relationship isn’t working. Finding the right counselor with availability to fit your schedule can add more stress. makes it easy for couples to start counseling.

If your partner isn’t ready or interested in participating, individual counseling is still hugely beneficial.

Why Online Counseling?

  • It’s effective. ChatOwl counselors are verified, licensed professionals. You get the same level of care through online sessions as an in-office visit.
  • It’s convenient. Connect with your counselor from anywhere. No more missed appointments. Simply power up your mobile device, computer or smart phone and connect.
  • It’s flexible. Find counselors with availability to match your own and your partner’s.
  • It’s affordable. Online counseling is less costly than in person counseling. Set your budget range and get matched with counselors you can afford.
  • It’s discreet. Perhaps your partner hasn’t been eager to go to therapy in the past because of the stigma associated with getting help. Remote counseling solves that problem.

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It doesn’t have to be expensive to seek the help you need. We offer affordable options for all.


Use your phone, tablet or computer to get support when and where you want it. No insurance needed.


Feel better after talking through your challenges with someone who really listens.

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